It’s been nuts and that is probably an understatement. Fourteen days to go to the SMID launch. There is not enough time in the day! There is so much happening, I can’t think straight. I am dying to catch you up on everything and will work on that over the next few days – promise!

The SMID launch party invitations finally arrived! I am so excited about them. They are exactly what I envisioned, what I wanted AND they capture the spirit of the party’s intentions. This weekend and so far this week, there was a huge push to get all the invites out. We have been stuffing envelopes, adding business cards, addressing them and adding a little “somethin’ special.”

Although the invites and my business cards are great on their own, I felt like they needed to be paired with something. It’s so much fun to get real mail or what I call “old-school mail,” mail that is not a bill or another bloody coupon booklet. So when my invitees open their envelope, I wanted it store something special inside.

I thought about black sequins. Then I thought about the invites being opened on the other end and the sequins falling out everywhere because they wouldn’t expect them. I quickly changed my mind. I am obsessed with metallic gold ANYTHING and black has always been a favorite. Feathers are always a must somewhere in your home or in your wardrobe. So I gold-dipped black feathers. I hope that everyone will either put their feather sticking out of a small jar on their desk, pin it to a board, lay it across a jewelry tray or attach it to a pencil… a black pencil. Sorry! I got carried away. Can you tell I’m excited? It’s very “Great Gatsby” of me and it totally frames my invite.

Check it out!




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