Monthly Archives: August 2013

Smid ♡’s details: Jute String For Days

I scored these large coffee bean burlap sacks about six months ago from one of our local coffee shops and an all-time favorite family hangout; The Pannikin.   I needed  burlap for many pending projects. One them was to make pillows for the chalk board nook under the stairs. Now burlap is not necessarily something you… Read more »

Project SMID: Let Them Help With The Dirty Work

Ok let me start out with saying, it’s insane trying to work two jobs at the same time and be a good Mom.  Did I mention that? I am 13 days away from the SMID launch. The planning for this has been intense. My work is getting busier and busier. Murphy’s Law!  The “good Mom” thing is… Read more »

Project SMID: Gardening Is Brutal!

I mentioned in an earlier post that my garden was completely torn up. We’ve been under construction for quite some time. The house is exactly the way I want it… My garden however, was not.  The SMID launch party will be held in my home gallery space. I know that first impressions and last impressions… Read more »