Monthly Archives: July 2013

Project SMID: The bunks were meant to be

It’s only one day to the photo shoot. My body feels like it weighs two tons. Everything hurts. I have had a record number of break downs this week. My hubby has been yelled at and has taken it gracefully. I am undeserving. I am so tired. I was feeding the dogs yesterday morning. They’re… Read more »

Project SMID: My Weekend. What Weekend?

This past week went by way too quickly and we are already well into this week. I am feeling the photo shoot (July 27th) and the launch party (August 29th) closing in on me. So much has to be done and not much time is left. I am freaking out. As you know, I attended… Read more »

Smid ♡’s details: Flower Power

I went up to LA this weekend to attend a Floral workshop hosted by Design Love Fest and directed by Moon Canyon Designs.  When I arrived in downtown LA’s fashion district, I had to pee so bad but I was too early to show up to the event. I couldn’t find anywhere to stop. I… Read more »