I’m traveling today for work. I really don’t want to be out of town this close to the launch party. I would rather focus on SMID. Duty calls!

Just before I left the house, my much awaited purchase and much anticipated SMEG fridge arrived. If you haven’t seen this fridge yet, you will freak or melt. Love at first site. It’s so good in person! It’s hot. It’s cute. It’s edgy. It’s warm…all at the same time. It’s perfection with a punch.

I thought about choosing a stainless steel skinny fridge with a glass door. That would have been a good choice but it wouldn’t have brought the same feel to this space. I saw the red SMEG at West Elm…super cute! The color would have been fun but it wasn’t the perfect color for the color palette in this room or the adjacent room, which you can see when the barn doors are open. I wanted a punch but I wanted it to be subtle.

The black (not in the store but in my gut) was the right choice for the downstairs’ kitchen. In many cases black appliances are not warm and can seem too hard or heavy. Not this black! This is the kind of detail that will make a room. It needs something placed above it. I think I have the perfect piece and will play with that when I get back home. At least I left town with a big smile.

Ok, this might sound weird but I can see amber colored cocktails being served in this room in the very near future. The color combo will be insane!



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