This year, I am starting a new column on my blog; Flea Market With Me.  I plan to share this column monthly or just after any of my flea sprees. I love flea marketing. You probably know that by now. I look forward to every trip I have planned, sick or exhausted, it doesn’t matter. I am there with bells on…Or my case, I am there with vintage on! This is such a fun time for me to treasure hunt, a time for me to search for inspiration, a place where my ideas run wild and a personal escape.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already be familiar with #FleaMarketWithMe.  I have loved sharing pictures on instagram this year of some of my favorite finds. It seemed to receive a positive response. I have really enjoyed the interaction with people on instagram as I shop through markets.   I have not shared all of my finds however nor have I shared all of the unique things I have come across. I thought it would be fun for you and for me, if I share a little more from my trips.  This column will give me an opportunity to share additional pictures/finds,  a snapshot of my experience flea’ing, and the kind of treasures you can find.  I’m also willing to share some of my top flea marketing tips. 😉

Tip #1: Go in with a plan but be ready for a different one.

It’s important to have a list with you when you go flea marketing. I always suggest a quickie just to help you stay focused on what it is that you had been hoping for in your own home or a space that you may be designing. Flea markets are very exciting. They can also be incredibly overwhelming. Typically there are people everywhere and there are also things you would never have dreamed of seeing. Each vendor packs their section full of treasures and crap. The list you prepare will help you scan each vendor’s section thoroughly but quickly enough to move on if you don’t see anything that you have to have.

The trickiest part about flea marketing is when you find what I call an “I can’t live without this piece” piece. You may think this is ridiculous but these pieces DO exist. When you find them, they might make you come close to crying, from being that moved. Ok, maybe that is just me. My point is…these pieces will likely not be on your list. This will make you feel like you shouldn’t buy it because you need other pieces first.

Wait! Did you hear that? Those were alarm bells going off! Or at least they should be going off. Snap out of it! Are you ok? You might never see a piece like this again. This a talking piece. Well, yes it might be talking to you now but it’s also one of those pieces that will become a great topic of conversation at your next party. This might be the “investment” piece that will change the look of your home. If you feel this way, dont you dare leave that piece behind! What? You aren’t sure where it will go? You already have a couch? or a table? If this piece moves you more than what you have now, buy it, get it home, and figure it out. Sell your current couch on ebay or one of the other ones. My point, if I must stress it again, is that this is a change your life piece and you should not put life off like that.

This couch was an example of that type of moment. In my case, I’m going to sell it to a client. But you should know that was not part of my original plan. I am designing a kitchen for this client, and a couch wasn’t part of the plan…clearly. But this….This was not a ‘TUFT’ decision. 😉



Image 20

This clearly was not my plan given, I didn't bring a flat bed truck. Take no prisoners! Make it happen. :)

This clearly was not my plan given, I didn’t bring a flat bed truck. Take no prisoners! Make it happen. 🙂

Here are the rest of the treasures from my trip two weeks ago.

Image 8 Image 18 Image 16 Image 17

Image 11

Can you guess what I would choose out of this pile? Ok. I’ll tell you. The glasses and the little case. Everything else is just not unique enough.

Image 12

I liked the tortoise bracelet. The leather strap with the gold charm and maybe the gold corkscrew/pocket knife. The other stuff is just mediocre.

Image 10

These were still in their original wrapping. Eeek!

Image 13 Image 14


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  1. Yola

    whew! So many great finds. Its a treat to see what you’ve picked with your lovely discerning eye. And thanks for the tips.


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