My goal is to design a space or a home that you are excited about, one that moves you and speaks to you. I want your experience in working with me to be fun and exciting. The only way I can do this is to get to know you better.   I typically like our first meeting to be in a neutral space, a coffee shop or a place where you will be relaxed and can focus in on your goals and what you hope to experience in this design.  I will talk with you about your goals and vision for the project. I will also have you fill out a fun questionnaire that will help me nail your personality in the design.


This is where the design process really takes of. I will start to brainstorm, research, and design the space.  I will pull thousands of images that move me from fashion mags, decor mags, anything that will help ground the vision for our project. I create an inspiration board  with these images for each of my projects and a layout of the design plans.  All of this will be shared and discussed with you so that you too will have a vision of how the space will be pulled together. I strive for juxtaposition in all of my designs and try to challenge the space. The best designs are when many styles are pulled together that don’t at first glance or when alone seem to pair perfectly but when grouped they feed off each other and create a dramatic and inspiring feel.  My goal is to push you to explore this with me but not past your limits.  At this time I will also provide an initial estimate for the project and establish an acceptable timeline for project completion with you.


Once we have agreed on the design concept, the fun (projecting, crafting and shopping) will begin. I am a big believer that you should create a concept or a foundation for a space where you know the color tones and boundaries you must stay within.  But it is also important that you allow for flexibility within that concept.  I love finding one piece that  will speak to you, a piece that will be the talking point  for your guests or a piece that could be considered an “Art collection” worthy piece.  This unique piece will inspire the design and the entire concept will be formed around it. Although we have a plan and a concept in place, “the fun” and the “art in creating your Masterpiece” is in allowing flexibility for these pieces to be introduced. This is when the magic happens. You can trust me or I can hold your hand, as long as we are push the design concept and make it a fun experience .