Design dreams do come true. Self-made So. Cal designer, Betsy Ginn started her design company Smid, after realizing her design obsession was attracting a lot of attention. Born in the Carolinas and a southern re’Bell’ion, she ran from her roots to New York City to soak up some city glamour only later to realize her style was greatly influenced by the history soaked mansions of the south. After living in NYC, Betsy moved to the progressive laid back vibe of Southern California. Betsy’s style is greatly influenced by her background; historical charm, NYC vintage glamour, and an LA edge. Her designs are playful and unexpected but most importantly, lived in. She’s all about injecting glamour into even the most practical of design spaces. Her designs result in spaces that juxtapose vintage glamour, modern industrial with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.


I often dream of owning a farm house, designing it, and having a pink pet pig named Prince. Yes, a potbelly one!

I love wearing all leopard with giant pink glasses.

It would make me really happy if I could put my whole face in a chocolate cake.

I am freaking crazy about my kids and love them with a passion but I REALLY enjoy my alone time.

My favorite thing to do is story board. I have a fetish with ripping up magazines and collaging them. Magazine clippings may take over my house one day.

I’d love to move to the south of France; I’d live in a chateau and grow my own vegetable garden. The problem is, I like the idea of the garden, fresh veggies and cooking from scratch however, the thought of actualizing it totally wears me out.

I once dragged three large trash bags full of flea market finds with my friend Pam across 12 NYC blocks back to my friend Jason’s apartment. We were staying there to save money so we could spend more on shopping.

You should know that Home Depot makes me cry. It’s okay, I pump myself up and go in there with a vengeance and readiness to take on the do it yourself world.

I got my hair colored when I was living in NYC years ago. On the way home, I popped into a cool boutique. I tried on these gorgeous light-grey leather boots for fun. The lady in the shop told me that I looked very french in my outfit with those boots on and then stated that the boots would be featured in next month’s Vogue. The next thing I know, I am whipping out my American Express and buying them with money I didn’t have. I cooked dinner in only my boots that evening so that my husband would forgive me. I still have yet to see those boots featured in Vogue…

A very hot pink pair of Valentino suede pumps held me hostage once at the RACK. They were entirely too tight but they were hot and they were on sale. I ultimately decided they’d be good “sitting down at dinner shoes, when you didn’t have far to walk.”  They look so pretty sitting in my closet.

This is me in the raw. I can bring out the gay man in anyone. I love living life to the fullest and try to soak it all in. I am bit crazy but I’m a hard working, creative business woman who is a design nut at the core. Designing, for me, is living! I want to design for you, have fun with you, get to know you and help bring out the YOU in your place.